Unschooling is an educational approach based on learner-chosen activities as the learner’s primary means of education.

Students that use the unschooling approach learn through natural life experiences. They use their own interests to hack their education experience through curiosity, personal experience, and interests, internships, work experience, travel, books, social interactions, family and friends and community resources.

Unschooling is a great choice for education because it encourages the learner to explore various types of learning and activities that are interest based. This makes for a more meaningful and well-understood and useful educational experience. Unschooler’s believe that by using their personal experiences and available resources to hack the human educational experience that they are equipping themselves with an education that is more useful than what is gained by standard curricula and conventional learning styles.

Unschooling Online Resources:


Unschooling Book Recommendations:

Unschooling Rules By Clark Aldrich 2011
The Art of Self-Directed Learning By Blake Boles 2014
Homeschooled Teens By Sue Patterson 2015
School’s Over By Jerry Mintz 2017