UnschoolPortfolio.com is an online system designed to help homeschool families like yours stay organized, track goals, track attendance, build community and offer support. UnschoolPortfolio.com gives homeschoolers access to state laws, homeschool resources and offers families a reliable place to store their portfolio items, keep records and track their experiences. We believe that you should have the tools to be able to offer an education that is as unique as your child. We understand that each family has different educational goals and challenges, it is our mission to offer the tools and support needed to ensure that each family has the opportunity to make the most of their homeschool experience. We believe in the right and freedom to choose your child’s education and want to help you achieve your goals has a homeschool parent.

Most homeschoolers are already following an unschooling educational approach and may not even realize it. We believe that Unschool Portfolio benefits all homeschool families regardless of their educational approach by offering record keeping tools that will help keep your family in compliance with your state laws while maintaining the freedom to offer your child the right education and learning experience.

Unschooling is an educational approach based on learner-chosen activities and interest based projects as the learner’s primary means of education. Families that use the unschooling approach learn through natural life experiences. They use their own interests to hack their educational experience through curiosity, personal experience, interests, internships, work experience, travel, books, social interactions, family, friends and community resources. Unschooling is a great choice for education because it encourages the learner to explore various types of learning and activities that are interest based. This makes for a more meaningful and well-understood and useful educational experience. Unschooler’s believe that by using their personal experiences and available resources to hack the human educational experience that they are equipping themselves with an education that is more useful than what is gained by standard curricula and conventional learning styles.

Yes, we take security very seriously and have taken all steps necessary to secure you and your student’s information stays safe. All information on our site is kept private.

You can find tutorial videos on how to setup an account and use our system by visiting our website tour page.

You can find your states homeschool laws by visiting our state homeschool laws page.

We have a site specifically for middle school and high school aged kids (Grade 8-12) that is geared more towards student involvement and student accountability. Our Unschool High School (USHS) Site offers an online portfolio, transcripts, online member community and more. The USHS site is geared towards middle/high school student participation and allows parents to take a bit of a backseat in the tracking process. USHS dashboards work the same and parents are sent a weekly email update on their child’s progress. You can register your middle/high schooler at www.unschoolhighschool.com