Alabama Homeschool Laws

Children ages 6-17 are required to attend school in the state of Alabama.

Alabama law allows parents to educate their children at home through enrollment in a church school or private school, or under the state’s private tutor law. Most parents choose the church school option. Many church schools exist solely for the purpose of enrolling homeschooled students.


In order to notify your school district, you are required to send an enrollment form to your local education authority, for most places this will be your local superintendent. You are required to submit this form by the 5th day of the public school year.
You are required to submit this annually and it must include the names of your children and their address.

HSLDA provides homeschoolers with a PDF version of an enrollment form. (enrollment form is found on the first page of the PDF file.


Does your child currently attend an Alabama pubic School? If it is recommended that you officially withdraw your child in order to homeschool.
Your first step will be to send your enrollment letter to your local school authority notifying them that you will be homeschooling your child and then submit an official withdrawal letter.

Unschool Inc. has created a withdrawal form for your convenience.

*Note: The Alabama State Department of Education also offers a withdrawal form on page 21 of their Attendance Manual. Remember that if you mail in your form to send it certified mail, return receipt for your records.

The state of Alabama does not require that a homeschool parent meet specific qualifications in order to homeschool.

As an Alabama homeschooler, you are required by law to educate your child for the same amount of days as the public school. (180 days/per year)

There are no specific educational requirements or subjects to follow when homeschooling in Alabama.

You are required to track your child's attendance throughout the year. You can print this Attendance Record Form. or sign in to your account (K-8 or 9-12 and track your attendance.

As a general rule, we suggest keeping all records and correspondence between you and the school regarding your child's education as well as a portfolio of your child's work should it ever be requested. (this is not a law.)

The State of Alabama does not require any testing as part of homeschooling.

The state of Alabama requires that a child has up to date immunizations or an exemption of file for all public and private school students.

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Due to periodic changes in homeschool laws we recommend visiting the Alabama State Department of Education. website.

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Private School at Home: AL Code § 16-28-1
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Immunizations: Rules of The State Board of Health 420-6-1.