Alaska Homeschool Laws

You are required in the state of Alaska to have your children in school if they are between the aged of 7-16 years of age.

There are several schooling options for those in Alaska to homeschool their kids, private school, personal certified tutor, an educational experience approved by the school board, state boarding school, approved full-time correspondence study program, homeschool (i.e. educated at home by a parent or guardian).


You are not required to submit an intent of homeschool when homeschooling in Alaska.


If your child is already attending a public school then you need to officially withdraw them in order to homeschool. Contact the school your child currently attends and ask if they have a specific withdrawal form or procedure.

You are not required to meet specific qualifications when homeschooling in Alaska.

Alaska does not require any specific amount of days or hours of instructions.

You are not required to teach any specific topics when homeschooling in Alaska.

Alaska law does not require you to keep records of your child's education. However, we recommend that you keep educational details, records, and attendance. This is especially important in case you move to another state, you will have records on hand.

Print an Attendance Record here.

You can also keep records as part of your free membership at Unschool Inc.

You are not required to participate in testing of any kind when homeschooling in Alaska.

The state of Alaska does not require independent homeschoolers to vaccinate their children. Only students who attend a public or private school, or are part of a correspondence program must receive vaccinations or submit a waiver.

Homeschooling In Alaska

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