UnschoolPortfolio.com is a free online system designed to help homeschool families like yours stay organized, track goals, track attendance, build community and offer support. UnschoolPortfolio.com gives homeschoolers access to state laws, homeschool resources and offers families a reliable place to store their portfolio items, keep records and track their experiences and attendance. We believe that you should have the tools to be able to offer an education that is as unique as your child.

We understand that each family has different educational goals and challenges, it is our mission to offer the tools and support needed to ensure that each family has the opportunity to make the most of their homeschool experience. We believe in the right and freedom to choose your child’s education and are here to help you achieve your goals has a homeschool parent.


Homeschool Resources

 Homeschool planners, printables, unschool blog and other homeschool resources.


Printables both for the kids and you.

Onsite Social Network

 Onsite social network that helps community members connect and offer support.


Tracking and Attendance Records

Tracking your child’s education has never been easier.


Our online portfolio service helps you keep a visual record of your child’s experiences and achievements.

Parent Email Updates

When your child is ready to track their own activities you will receive weekly emails on their progress.